Not for the easily offended: the art of Jason Karns

karns fukitor

Artists Jim Rugg and Benjamin Marra have gone spelunking on the internet and discovered a fellow named Jason Karns, whose art is violent, sexualized, and mind bogglingly lively in that post-Al Feldstein/Mars Attacks/Dario Agento/Herschell Gordon Lewis way. Karns is interviewed at TCJ and here’s his blog — WARNING VERY VERY NSFW — which previews his flagship title: FUKITOR.

WARNING: If you are the kind of person offended by sexualized violence against woman you are not going to like these links.


  1. The underground comix mentality lives again: copious blood ‘n’ gore and sexual abuse, et al. This guy’s layouts seem rather repetitious… but then, a lot of the UG’s weren’t that great in that respect either.

  2. I love this kinda shit, looks cool and fun. thx for posing.

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