NOT A HOAX: Conan and Groo crossover

GROOCONAN #1 FC FNL copy.jpg
After a look week, we’ll leave you with a smile and this announcement of a Conan/Groo crossover in a four-issue miniseries brought to you by the Eisner Award–winning team of Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragonés, Thomas Yeates, and colorist Tom Luth. Groo was created as a parody of the sword-and-sorcery genre as exemplified by the lamentation-loving Cimmerian, so this is a natural.

The first issue goes on sale on April 18, 2012.



  1. Finally! I remember Aragones & Evanier talking about this at SDCC back in 2005!

  2. Nick Purpura says:

    My dreams do come true…

  3. It’s the most eagerly awaited meeting since Superman vs Spider-Man. Count me in!

  4. James Van Hise says:

    I was told last year that this had been finished for some time but that Dark Horse had been sitting on it.

  5. i dig groo, i dig conan, this looks like a lot of fun.

  6. Dennis V. says:


  7. Hmm, do I smell the “Punisher meets Archie” here?

  8. I’m glad I got out of bed this morning after all.

  9. That is great news. I have been waiting for new Groo!

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