Nilsen, Harbin, others cover Fantastic Four #9

Now this is a great way to spend your money! Cartoonist Jason Young has spent the last three years slowly commissioning an array of great indie artists to redraw FANTASTIC FOUR #9, the issue co-starring the Sub-Mariner. It’s a Coober Skeeber/Strange Tales mash-up that proves the talents of all involved. Young writes:

Think of it as a punk band doing a cover of a sixties classic. All the artists involved are respectfully reinterpreting Jack Kirby through their own eyes and style. The project is a long-term, slow process. Jason is paying for the commissions out of pocket for his own personal collection and enjoyment.

Recently a Brandom Graham page got much attention, but this morning we’ve just seen Beat comments superstar Dustin Harbin..


And previously, Anders Nilsen:

And before that Chester Brown!


Click on links for the whole pages and Kirby originals.


  1. Torsten Adair says:

    Wow… the original Kirby art is almost as strange!

  2. Dharbin’s page looks great… but the Chester Brown pages is surprisingly awesome and strange. It’s got a “Fletcher Hanks” vibe going on.

  3. X-fan says:

    I was thinking Chester had a Kirby/Wally Wood vibe going on. Looks tremendous.

  4. Yeah I felt pretty good about how my page turned out — thanks Jay! — but then I scrolled down to Chester’s and was reminded of/humbled by how amazing that guy is.

  5. Wow, I haven’t seen Dustin’s page yet, it looks great!

    I’m the guy that hosts the Fantastic Four No. 9 Project website for Jason Young, and it’s always great to see these pieces up close!

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