Nice art: Toby Cypress and RODD RACER

Longtime readers of The Beat will know we are big fans of Toby Cypress’s strange but beautiful art, seen on things like Killing Girl and The Schizophrenic. It turns out he’s launching his own small press company, Punkrock*Jazz to publish his own work, starting with the long -awaited RODD RACER a Fritz Lang/Frank Robbins/Milton Caniif story about fast cars, crizy cities and a young racer who gets more than he bargained for. Back in the day, they would have called it “Widescreen” but then the screens got too small.

The initial Punkrock Jazz edition is already sold out — sorry sports fans — but a deluxe color version is coming out from Image this summer. And it looks sweet.





The next edition of the book will have some “behind the scenes” process shots, previewed here




Busy Toby has also started a new weekly webcomic called KURSK (below), which sounds ominous. He’ll have a collection of this and a deluxe at book on sale at San Diego this year.


More here!



  1. Agreed. Really beautiful art. And Kursk was a pleasant morning surprise. Nice storytelling thru images alone.

  2. $&@#€£¥#$&@ fantastic!! What a CILR!

  3. Wow…I love the color version. Can’t wait.

    Congrats, Toby!


  4. Dude, sold. This looks amazing.

  5. Holy crap. I WANT THIS! Good goin’, Toby!

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  6. Abhay says:

    Wow. Can’t wait– been looking forward to this for years.

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