Nice Art: Ted McKeever’s META 4

Ted McKeever chatted about his new META 4 with Michael Aushenker for PW Comics Week:

“What’s different [about META 4],” McKeever said, “is the lack of a specific central theme or category. In the past, I would find myself wanting to do a ‘political drama’ or an ‘apocalyptic horror’ tale. But here, I am allowing myself to weave through [different] subjects, and pull into it whatever is needed based on that given scenario. The challenge is to make it all work.”The key to that, he said, lies with the characters. “[They] have to be designed in such a way that they come across as subtly ‘real’ and yet malleable enough to show extreme emotions when called for,” McKeever said.

Click for a larger image.


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    I am so glad to see this getting some promotion. McKeever is one of my favorite creators and no one really ever talks about him.

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