Nice art: Takio by Bendis and Oeming

TAKIO is definitely something different from Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming: a kids’ story. Set in a family where two squabbling sisters learn to come together after an accident gives them superpowers.

Released through Marvel’s creator-owned imprint, Icon, TAKIO is also unusual in that it’s being put out in a done-in-one graphic novel format. The book hits in March and retails for $9.95. Here’s a preview.









  1. Harry Tzvi Keusch says

    Looks cute. Very reminiscent of Power Pack – Louise Simonson’s original series, not the recent All Ages stuff, which isn’t bad, but is not as much fun as the original series.

    How many pages will the be in the book?

  2. baaadam says

    MONA AND JOEY CAN’T STOP FIGHTING! When the Mighty Mojo decides to give his powerful costume to them, these argumentative twins fight so much they rip it in half. Now each one is only half as strong! Can Mo and Jo find a way to combine their powers, fight the evil Saw-Jaw and save their town? Two master cartoonists, writer Jay Lynch and artist Dean Haspiel, create a loving, tongue-in-cheek superhero tale where the kids’ biggest battle is just learning to get along.

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