Nice Art: Steve “The Dude” Rude paints at the CBLDF

201010181952 Nice Art: Steve “The Dude” Rude paints at the CBLDF
Even with his own financial problems going on, the Dude still has time to help out the CBLDF. What a guy. Support either good cause and get some great art in return.


  1. Dave Elliott says:

    I’d love to see Steve do a run on Superman. His Superman v Hulk was my second favorite DC/Marvel cross-over.

  2. Barry Buchanan says:

    The Dude abides!
    Not only is he a phenom artist Steve is as gracious as you would want any pro to be. Sean (51 Delta=!/pages/51-Delta-The-Comic/157071587660452) Dulaney did an interview with him for Digital Webbing at Metropolis, IL Superman Celebration a few years back. I got to sit in on it and the Dude was as nice and cool as can be.

  3. “World’s Finest”, written by Dave Gibbons, has Steve Rude artwork inside.

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