Nice Art: Raw GAGZ

tumblr m7dek621mQ1rq8nnho1 500 Nice Art: Raw GAGZ

The Blown Covers blog recalls the gag insert in Raw #8 which included an one page gags by Burns, Marischal, Panter, and the rest of the Raw gang. The punchlines were created by commitee however:

For RAW #8, Art and Françoise had a number of single panels and images they hadn’t yet published – “Because there were no punchlines,” they say. So, they put the images up on the wall, invited their friends over, and gave everyone post-it notes. People walked around sticking captions on the images. If you laughed at someone else’s caption, you put a check mark on the post-it. The winning captions and images were published in RAW Gagz – an insert in RAW #8.

The posts are all grouped around this one on the blog, although they don’t seem to be tagged. This one by Mark Beyer haunted us for years and years.

tumblr m7depgMYSE1rq8nnho1 500 Nice Art: Raw GAGZ
And Gary Panter:
tumblr m7dg5fgjDo1rq8nnho1 500 Nice Art: Raw GAGZ


  1. Hardy Gilbert says:

    I think I still have this….I remember I was 15 years old, and, armed with a full head of Johnny Nemo, Mister X, and Lloyd Llewellyn, I figured I was not long for my former world of four-color fantasy. Needless to say, I was didn’t get it…..

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