Nice Art: New Penguin Classics covers by Sala, McPherson, Killofer, etc., etc.

Over on his Flickr page, the very talented designer Paul Buckley has posted a new batch of comics-inspired covers for thePenguin Classics Deluxe series.



The Bloody Chamber cover by Jen Munford



The Tortilla Curtain cover by Gonzalo



Moon Palace cover by Grez



Bridget Jones’s Diary Front cover by Tara McPherson



The Communist Manifesto cover by Killoffer



The Canterbury Tales cover by Ted Stearn



Great Expectations cover by Richard Sala


  1. Greig says

    What marvellous covers, I’ll be getting those for the library and myself. Of course I already have a few different editions of these laying around. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. carnv says

    I love all the artwork, but since when is Bridget Jones’s Diary considered a “classic”?

  3. Kevin Hynes says

    That cover is making me want to read Bridget Jones? Wow, nice job!

  4. says

    Tony Millionaire’s Moby Dick,,9781934511411,00.html

    Michael Cho’s White Noise,,9781934511428,00.html

    As for BJD… it’s been in print since 1999, has been popular enough to support sequels, and was well reviewed. In a 2003 poll of 1,900 British women, it was the favorite novel of women under 40 (Pride and Prejudice was the favorite of older women).

    In related news, the Library of America will be publishing a handsome two-volume set of Lynd Ward’s graphic novels, edited by Art Spiegelman.

  5. michael says

    I love the artists, McPherson & Sala’s works (and these covers) and the Stearn one is also quite good! :)

  6. Ben says

    These are horrible

    The art by itself is sometimes okay, but the style of almost all of them is so utterly inappropriate for the content the books. The only one that comes close to working is the Communist Manifesto art, it retains the bold lines and simple colours of Soviet-era propaganda posters but is too chaotic, whimsical and surreal to really fit what is quite a level-headed and real-world minded piece of work.

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