NICE art: James Jean art and benefit

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Holy shit, James Jean.

His latest show of paintings is up at the Martha Otero gallery in Hollywood and it runs until April 30. We’re jealous of those who get to see it in person.

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Jean has also just released this limited edition silk scarf which you can buy at the link. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE RED CROSS. THe scarf retails for $385. Only 50 were made. There is a B&W version as well, same price, same run.


  1. I was very inspired by good mood nice art. James Jean creates wonderful pictures, I liked the last show of paintings. And the fact that Jean has also released a limited silk scarf, whose proceeds will go to the Red Cross. Good article, thanks to the author.

  2. Xenos says:

    If only I had an extra 400 bucks lying around…. Damn that’s gorgeous.

  3. Xenos says:

    Not to mention the great cause, of course.. That’s beyond amazing he’s doing that.

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