Nice Art: Gabriel Hardman con sketches


Via Twitter


  1. says

    Very nice. It’s go that “You don’t wanna mess with me.” look to it.

    Always a good look to have.

    Beau Smith
    The Flying Fist Ranch

  2. Dave Elliott says

    Really worth following the link to see the other sketches. Very nice work.

  3. Dave Aikins says

    Hardman’s con sketches are single-handedly keeping the legend of the “affordable brilliant con sketch” alive. In this age of $300 con sketches, it’s nice to see someone of his skill allowing art of this quality to be sold at a price that any collector could afford.
    That is until someone starts reselling his sketches on ebay for heavy profit….
    Anyway, Gabriel is a fantastic artist, nice guy, and one of the few “newer” comic artists out there that make me shake my fist in a jealous rage. How dare he be so damn good…
    how dare he… :)

  4. abc says

    i tried to get a sketch from mr.hardman on saturday and again on sunday. both days he was booked up with sketches for other folks. i asked him if he was gonna be at the nycc in october, he said that he plans to attend. so i have another opportunity to score a sketch from this fine artist and all around nice guy. i can’t bitch too much tho’, i did manage to score sketches from shannon gallant, joe pekar, mark wheatley, comfort love, and matt wagner. so all in all , not a bad weekend, a great show to attend. i had a blast.

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