Nice Art: Curt Swan Superman

curt swan. superman. comic conventions poster art. 001.jpg

No idea what the original home of this is, but we know it’s a Curt Swan convention program piece. Original provenance here. Found via Stephen DeStefano.


  1. Curt Swan’s art makes me weep for joy. Just saying.

  2. Dave Elliott says:

    Yeah… Curt was the best.

  3. Oh, oh man. That is wonderful.

  4. Swan of Finland?

  5. Allen Sant says:

    Curt Swan will always be the Superman artist of alltime

  6. Not even the hinky duotone printing can (much) diminish the greatness of Swan!

  7. CitizenCliff says:

    I can’t stop laughing about Swan of Finland!!!!

  8. I have new respect for Curt Swan … looks like they dropped the black plate? I suppose that’s the duo-tone effect? I think it emhances the image …

  9. Al™ says:

    Swan always seemed to be able to draw his figures looking, dunno, dignified? They were real enough, usually attractive, and just well crafted. I love his work, and was lucky enough to meet him once, to tell him that.

    This looks like a finished pencil drawing printed in two colours, with maybe a ruby cut for the solids. The sort of reproduction values that make me think it might have been in a fanzine.

  10. Idris says:

    Without a shadow of a doubt, he is the greatest Superman artist of all time. His collaboration years with Bob Oksner are my favourites. He is truelly missed.

  11. A rare red, white, and blue Superman!

    Nicely done, even if his platinum blonde hair is a bit unsettling.

  12. Platinum BLUE.

  13. hondobrode says:

    It kind of bummed me out years ago to learn Curt didn’t really care about Superman. His work is so classic on the character. The rest of us love it so much, and yet, it wasn’t more than just a job for him.

  14. jadir says:

    Curt Swan será sempre para mim o maior e o melhor desenhista do Superman, eterno.

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