Nice Art: Age of Ultron teasers released

Whooooeeee, is it time again for a new mega crossover event ALREADY? Yep, Marvel’s AGE OF ULTRON is rolling out in March, and previews are being released–here are a couple of teaser images by In-Hyuk Lee (Red Hulk) and Jung-Geun Yoon (Black Widow)—it must be said, they are very nice.

As for what’s IN the Age of Ultron, Graeme McMillan rounds up some speculation here.


  1. Johnny Memeonic says:

    Why would anyone submit when Ultron’s stated goal has always been to kill all the humans?

  2. John Warren says:

    I’m not sure this really counts as a “mega-crossover” when the total number of tie-in books is in the single digits. Most of the Marvel line is ignoring it.

    Graeme’s speculation about where Spider-Man is headed is spot on (I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to guess what Spidey was being set up for after all kinds of good things happened to him in the “Big Time” arc). But I think he’s completely wrong about Age of Ultron. This is a minor event, not one that is going to bring about line-wide changes.

  3. The enhanced main cover of Age of Ultron #1 is a awesome. Wait til folks see it in all its shiny textured glory!

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