Nice Art: Age of Ultron teasers released

Nice Art: Age of Ultron teasers released

Whooooeeee, is it time again for a new mega crossover event ALREADY? Yep, Marvel’s AGE OF ULTRON is rolling out in March, and previews are being released–here are a couple of teaser images by In-Hyuk Lee (Red Hulk) and Jung-Geun Yoon (Black Widow)—it must be said, they are very nice.

As for what’s IN the Age of Ultron, Graeme McMillan rounds up some speculation here.


  1. Johnny Memeonic says

    Why would anyone submit when Ultron’s stated goal has always been to kill all the humans?

  2. John Warren says

    I’m not sure this really counts as a “mega-crossover” when the total number of tie-in books is in the single digits. Most of the Marvel line is ignoring it.

    Graeme’s speculation about where Spider-Man is headed is spot on (I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to guess what Spidey was being set up for after all kinds of good things happened to him in the “Big Time” arc). But I think he’s completely wrong about Age of Ultron. This is a minor event, not one that is going to bring about line-wide changes.

  3. says

    The enhanced main cover of Age of Ultron #1 is a awesome. Wait til folks see it in all its shiny textured glory!

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