News: Scary Godmother returns from Dark Horse

Jill Thompson’s Scary Godnmother has become something of a Halloween classic, with two animated specials that are still shown on Caqrtoon Network, and a DVD. However, the original Eisner Award winning graphic novels have long been out of print — a series of graphic novels and several stand alone comics starting in 1998 — as they were published by long gone Sirius.

Luckily, Dark Horse is coming to rectify this sad omission with a collection coming this October — just in time for Halloween. The 192-page hardcover collection will reprint Scary Godmother, The Revenge of Jimmy, The Mystery Date and The Boo Flu from the original comics, and Thompson will provide a new cover.


  1. says

    Yay! My nieces love Magic Trixie, so I’ll be sure to get them this!

    Is the entire Sirius catalog out of print? They seemed to have a table at MoCCA.
    Might we see “A Wandering Star” reprinted?

    Scary Godmother
    (The new cover can be seen on

  2. says

    I have it on good authority that Sirius still, technically, exists. They just don’t put out many books these days.

  3. says

    Though, I must confess, the title of the post confused me. My heart sank when I first read it: “Why is Scary Mother returning from Dark Horse? Were they holding the rights captive or something?”

    Luckily it had a very happy ending.

  4. comicsatemybrain says

    My niece would loooooove some new Scary Godmother or Magic Trixie. Make it happen, please!

  5. says

    Awesome news!

    With BEASTS OF BURDEN from Dark Horse I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for this… and now it’s finally happening! Huzzah!

  6. Kat Kan says

    This is very good news indeed! It’s difficult to recommend something when it’s out of print. I hope Dark Horse will keep this Scary Godmother collection available for a long time to come. I plan to recommend it to ALL libraries!

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