Newish look: Chris Evans as Captain America


This grainy scan from tomorrow’s EW is running around the internet. We smell something, and it smells like THE ROCKETEER.


  1. says

    I was going to say the same thing — is the Rocketeer reference meant to be a good thing or bad?

    I, too, liked the Rocketeer, though it certainly wasn’t a trailblazer in filmmaking.

  2. Hannibal says

    The Rocketeer was a small gem, the best film Joe Johnston ever made and probably why he got the Cap gig. Unfortunately, to my mind, he is a journeyman director, not someone who can make an audience really sit up and take notice. All of his films are just…okay-ish.

  3. Rich says

    I dunno … I think Matt Salinger looked fine as Captain America. Better than Chris Evans’ get-up.

  4. says

    The wings are painted on his helmet? What the hell is that all about? Next thing you know, they’ll start putting nipples on batsuits!!



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