New Wimpy Kid sells 1 million in first week

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The Wimpy Kid is the new Twilight. The latest book in the series, Cabin Fever, sold over one million hardcovers in its first week on sale. Sales were 25% higher than last year’s November release, The Ugly Truth.

RE: the recent sales figure discussions — with numbers this good, there’s no reason not to trumpet them aloud.



  1. says

    This is once again proof that comics are still very popular among readers and that the traditional comic book companies are doing something wrong. Why aren’t superhero books doing that well?

  2. Charles Knight says

    “Why aren’t superhero books doing that well?”

    Because they are largely sold in places that normal people don’t go, that parents don’t want to spend any money in and to the same 100,000 shut-ins?

  3. says

    This series reminds me of Captain Underpants, and those “hybrid” stories. However, after reading a couple of my brother’s books, I can stay that the quality doesn’t seem to be there.

    I mean, the kid is just a straight asshole. I’m not trying to be an old codger (hey, I’m 22), but I’d like to think that a series aimed at children who might empathize with the main characters’ “nerdiness” might have some kind of redeeming quality. In some cases, being a douche doesn’t work.

  4. says

    Adam & Charles Knight up there are right.

    When Superman’s numbers can’t compete with a Wimpy Kid, something is seriously wrong.

  5. Synsidar says

    When Superman’s numbers can’t compete with a Wimpy Kid, something is seriously wrong.

    Well, author Jeff Kinney is working to promote the book. He’s been doing a “Wimpy Kid Bus Tour” and will be going to England in December. Having stars from the movies based on the series help with the promotions is a plus.


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