New Taiwan news ‘toon: Coco vs. Leno vs. Zucker

After the Taiwanese CGI cartoon about Tiger Woods stunned the world, it was pretty obvious that Taiwanese CGI cartoon news recreations were the artform for a new era…but NO ONE could have predicted the game-changing genius of the new video depicting the Late Night Wars of ’10. This one has everything.

A spoiler image in the jump. Seriously watch!!!

chineseanimationcoco New Taiwan news toon: Coco vs. Leno vs. Zucker
(h/t David O Reilly)

 New Taiwan news toon: Coco vs. Leno vs. Zucker


  1. Kid Kyoto says:

    God bless Apple TV for making it all clear. When will they address the sub-prime crisis?

  2. I love how technology levels the playing field for the creative license of dramatic recreations.

    Much of this stuff is consumer level nowadays.
    Amazing how far we’ve come.

    Nice superhero match up at the end.

  3. Russell Smith says:

    If only these folks would tackle the whole Miracleman rights lawsuit once and for all…I’ve heard the arguments in English, and I was still confused. What could it hurt?

  4. Death to the infidel Jeff Zucker!

    I poop on you!


    Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog

  5. James W says:

    Man, Cap should’ve used that Shining Forehead Emblem Attack to win Civil War.

  6. So, which schlocky comic book publisher will be the first to announce a “Late Night Wars” comic book? Five bucks on Bluewater.

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