Image teases hot sex for Comic-Con

Well Image is up to something else, with a teaser campaign with only this legend:

July 14. 2PM. Room 25ABC

Which would be this:

2:00-3:00 Image Comics Experience— Join publisher Eric Stephenson and a panel of surprise guests an exclusive look at what’s coming up for Image in 2013! An absolutely don’t miss event for anyone wanting to be among the first to hear some of the biggest comics announcements of the year! Room 25ABC

So there you have it. Obviously some hot sexiness or sexy hotness will be announced.

We’re told there could be more to come, so stay tuned.


  1. Hikaru says:

    Does this mean Image is opening a cosplay themed brothel in Nevada?

  2. likefunbutnot says:

    Let’s have a big round of applause for Image’s bravery to tackle such an under-pandered topic.

  3. I honestly don’t have the budget for that these days.

  4. jacob goddard says:

    Maybe they’re bringing Chester Brown into the fold.
    He’s the only other comics entity to suggest that I should pay for sex.

  5. Are they repacking Madonna’s book as a graphic novel? In all seriousness, best with the panel and SDCC.

  6. Remember when Jimmy Palmiotti posed for a pullout poster in Ash way back? Maybe he’s gonna help promote the Creator Owned Heroes book…

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