New full-length Thor trailer delivers

Ooookay, NOW we are cooking! You know that part where Thor throws his hammer right in the dude’s face?

That was alright.

Bonus question: Will we be hearing rip-offs of the INCEPTION WHOOM WHOOM music in trailers forever now?


  1. says

    By Odin’s ravens! Every time I see The Destroyer I get a little Kirby crackle down my spine. I hope the Marvel people (Bendis, Joe Q, etc,…) have kept Ken B. on track with this story-wise.

  2. Charles Knight says

    I’m warming to this – Green Lantern and Captain America look like blu-ray rentals to me but this.. aye I will journey to Midgard for this.

  3. Keyser says

    Where’s his helmet??? He must wear it for only two minutes in the damn movie…

  4. CBrown says

    I like this trailer much better. It actually makes me interested in seeing the movie! The bits involving Natalie Portman and the other gal look entertaining. The bombastic Asgard stuff emphasized in the first trailer looked cool enough, but really needed some down-to-earth material to balance it.

  5. says

    Ken B. doesn’t need any help — he knows that Shakespeare was the blockbusting crowdpleaser of his day so there’s no wall to break down between Branagh’s highbrow CV and his showman’s ambitions. He also understands that Lee & Kirby’s most immediate mythic canon was not the Edda but Flash Gordon, so the movie-serial Asgard looks as apt as the Pan’s Labyrinth/Fritz-Lang-Sigfried murk & monsters. Among all 2011 comic movies this is gonna be the one to beat. With a hammer. In the face.

  6. mauvecanary says

    I didn’t know Kat Dennings was in this! And she tases Thor! By the bristling balls of Balder!!

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