New Female Force comic!

KennedysmWhere there’s a female pol — or in this case a potential female pol — there’s Bluewater Comics’ Female Force series, as they have announced a Caroline Kennedy comic to follow up their Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama comics. Prescient Bluewater had decided to cover Kennedy before she became a front runner to fill Clinton’s now vacant New York Senate seat.

Bluewater chose Kennedy as its next comic book subject before the news broke of her interest in New York politics. “She was on the short list before all the hype about the Senate seat. She is an amazing person who has done a lot for education,” said publisher Darren G. Davis.

“I hope readers enjoy my rendition of one of the most influential families in political history,” said artist Vinnie Tartamella.

Hopefully Female Force will start covering political women from around the world. Maybe a Angela Merkel or Somaly Mam comic will be next!


  1. says

    “She is an amazing person who has done a lot for education.”

    I challenge them to name one thing, because raising more money to throw down the same rat hole doesn’t count.

  2. Alan Coil says

    Rather than attacking Caroline Kennedy, Harris, you’d do society a better deed by attacking Bluewater.

  3. michael says

    Bluewater may have stumbled upon a new comic book niche….Current Political American Comics!!!! O.O

  4. Rhonda Woodsmall says

    I would like to find the female force comics to buy. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Synsidar says

    Ms. Woodsmall, you should be able to order the Bluewater Productions “Female Force” comic books through your local comics shop. Just tell the retailer what titles you would like to order.


  6. Marlene Wenger says

    I want to subscribe to this series of comics. Where do I do that.


  7. Synsidar says

    Ms. Wenger, you might go to Bluewater’s Website at and contact them regarding their plans for future “Female Force” publications, but since they’re not produced on a fixed schedule, I doubt any subscriptions would be offered. Your local comics shop could order copies as issues are published.


  8. Synsidar says

    A “Female Force” comic featuring Michelle Obama will be available in stores April 29 for $3.99. Bluewater’s “Female Force” comics can also be bought at


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