New edition of Ed the Happy Clown previewed

The D&Q blog has a tempting preview of a new edition of ED THE HAPPY CLOWN, Chester Brown’s early surrealist masterpiece about a man who has Ronald Reagan’s head grafted onto the end of his penis.

Okay, so the book is a little ways away from being in your local comic or bookstore but it exists. Of course, this being Chester there are tons of notes and even a little bonus strip that has nothing to do with Ed really. And since people have asked, this is what Chester considers the proper Ed the Happy Clown story. There isn’t extra work and in fact some of those later Vortex issues are not included. Feast your eyeballs!!

Note to self: so do not throw out Vortex editions of YUMMY FUR.

ED THE HAPPY CLOWN started as “The Man Who Couldn’t Stop” in the self-published YUMMY FUR, then was reprinted as a collection, went out of print, and was reprinted in an edited pamphlet form, with Brown substantially editing and redrawing the story. So, while we look forward to this “Directors Cut” edition, on the great Comics LIbrary of the Sky, we’ll also keep ALL of our old editions for comparative textual analysis.

Comics 2012 thus far: complete FLEX MENTALLO and ED THE HAPPY CLOWN. A good year!


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    Ed the happy clown was not my fav Chester Brown comic(Louis Riel is, for those who are wondering.), but despite me saying that i’m always compelled to read it every so often.

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    Egad … this’d be like the third time I’ve bought this! I wish he’d do kind of an “Ultimate Edition” that had the various endings and related material (I had some issues of Yummy Fur that had Ed stories that were not directly related to this one, and I wish those were in a collection, too)!

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