New day, new server

machines 1960 08012 New day, new server
The Beat will be moving servers tonight, from the insanely expensive one to a slightly less expensive one. There will be no posting until our Operatives give the go-ahead and there might be some wonkiness in the morning, as well. As soon as everything is safe and sound in the new spot, we’ll give you an earful on our hosting advice.
machines 1960 00091 New day, new server
BTW, these photos of women in the clutches of F.O.S.D.I.C. are from the site. WHAT WAS F.O.S.D.I.C.? Did Julius Schwartz know about it?


  1. Al™ says:

    I can see that someone has already started packing up all the jpegs… best of luck at the new home.

  2. Yup, not getting nary a piccie. never mind good luck with the move :)

  3. This new server hates your images.

  4. Can you donate your old server to SDCC, maybe help sell a handful of registrations? lol

  5. FOSDIC was an optical scanner system used for the 1960-1990 censuses.
    (Hollerith is there as well! I wonder what happened to the losers?)

    I didn’t find any actual comics at Census, but Al Capp did produce a Civil Defense comic for the military.

  6. Still only getting half the material. Your new server REALLLLYY hates images :D

  7. The front page is also kerfluffled. The image frames are overlapping with the text block.

  8. Bob Smith says:

    F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. F.O.S.D.I.C. ?

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