New DARK KNIGHT poster



  1. Rob Spencer says

    Uh, is that cool?
    Marketing a movie using a plane-sized hole in the side of a building seems a little off.
    First thing I think is World Trade Center.

  2. Charles Constant says

    Oh wow, uhhhh I guess this will at least draw attention away from Joker’s “go ahead and KILL ME” stuff.

  3. Sphinx Magoo says

    It’s about time they marketed the movie as a [i]BATMAN[/i] (remember him?) movie and not a Joker movie.

    That said, this poster’s still kind of weak.

  4. Al says

    I think this is pretty eyecatching. Dark Batman. No Rules Batman.

    Under the category of analyzing the image: did he crash the Batplane into the building, causing that hole up there in the shape of the bat?

    Or did someone ELSE grab the Batplane, and hit the building with it, and meanwhile, Batman is standing, facing us, bricks and mortar debris falling onto and around him.

  5. The Beat says

    Luckily everyone knows Gotham is Chicago so no 9/11 allusions at all!

    Seriously, it’s great to be able to blow things up again.

  6. CBrown says

    Rob Spencer, I had the same reaction when I first saw this poster this morning. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

  7. Torsten Adair says

    Oh, you didn’t think of the B-25 that crashed into the Empire State Building?

    Of COURSE you’re supposed to think of the World Trade Center! The Joker is a terrorist. Biggest terrorist act = WTC.

    And pop culture fans will recall that before 9/11, buildings getting blown up was No Big Deal. (al Qaeda most likely got the idea from Tom Clancy.) I even remember a Batman Adventures annual where a building is destroyed on the first page, not too long after Oklahoma City, and wondering if anyone would complain. (The greatest failure, the Emperor Has No Clothes moment, was when the Marvel superheroes go help at Ground Zero, but nobody mentions all of the other destruction which has been a continual part of the Marvel Universe. If Doctor Doom can destroy the Baxter Building in Midtown Manhattan, wouldn’t the government have plans to prevent other acts of terror? And WTF was Dr. Doom doing at Ground Zero? Now that’s gall!)

    Parsing the image above, I suspect that the Joker installed explosive charges on the surface to get that exact shape. Or it’s just Warners creating an iconographic image to get your attention, and maybe stir up the bloggers bees nest.

    Remember, the Joker is a mentally disturbed individual who enjoys killing people, and who enjoys making a spectacle of himself while doing it. Kinda like that kid who was bombing rural mail boxes so that the resulting map would make a giant smiley face.

    My favorite remains the Joker/Batman smiley face, which riffs on the old Burton Batman logo looking like a mouth. I think a lot of moviegoers, not having thought about the Joker past Nicholson, will be shocked at this version. I hope parents will be careful with their kids. And I think the above poster is a means to warn everyone that this version is darker.

  8. says

    It’s probably the announcement of Warner Brother’s new branding campaign. They will be smashing bat-holes into buildings across the U.S.

    Imagine that image as a comic book cover and image the crap DC would get.

    Have it come out of the 200 million dollar marketing department of Warner Brothers though, and they’re geniuses!

  9. says

    Sigh, as a native new yorker and someone who knew people in tower 1 it’s upsetting to here that people are alluding that this is supposed to be like 9/11.

    There is no building being blown up. It’s on fire. If it looks like anything, it looks more like the scene in fight club where the eyes were on fire.

  10. Über Alice says

    Dammit, I never get the memo telling me what we’re all supposed to be offended by today. I only just got upset about that Mary Jane statue with the laundry, and now this. I’m always the last to know.

  11. says

    It makes it look like Batman got the ass and blew up an office building himself. A friend suggested that this poster depicts where Batman blows up The Joker’s office, destroying his laptop and many expensive desks in the process.

  12. says

    The Dark Knight is obviously the sequel to Office Space. The board of Wayne Enterprises put Bruce in the basement and took his stapler.

  13. Peter's Parker says

    Holy crap — someone was just killed by a Great White Shark off the coast of Solana Beach – we need to pull JAWS out of circulation!! Too soon!!

  14. Steve Taylor says

    Batman Begins was a dismal, dumb, film with not a lick of art to it.
    Mechanical, hackneyed, depressing and physically difficult to watch.
    Christian Bale’s over the top performance as the caped crusader had nothing of the character in it. More of an armored ninja and nary a hint of the acrobatic detective. Serviceable performances by great actors. A hopeless, claustrophobic affair.
    This looks to be more of the same,…in spades.
    I’m still waiting for someone to make a Batman movie.

  15. says

    Hey, what’s wrong with kissing a cow?

    Seriously, folks…in the words of Ham Salad from Hardware Wars: “Take it easy, kid, it’s only a movie.”

  16. says

    Umm, I’d be willing to bet my set of solid gold bat-a-rangs that the terrorist/9-11 reference was intentional.

    Interesting BAT BIKE design in this film, I think…

  17. rich says

    Batman is now a practitioner of the flaming logo. The Mask of Zorro and Daredevil come to mind.

  18. says

    I thought Batman Begins was rather on target for telling the beginnings of Batman’s crime fighting career. Despite all of his training, there was no way for him to be a well-honed detective at that point in time. It took a while for those skills to develop. He was a raw nerve, screaming out for vengence, and I considered that to be the point.

    Hopefully this film will feature a more grown-up, more ready Batman, able to out-think everyone, except of course for the insane homicidal clown. If it is loosely based around The Killing Joke, well I don’t expect it to be anywhere near as good as that story, but if they make an effort, I think I shall be entertained.

  19. 9/`` says

    Batman turned Taliban and pulled a 9/11. Screw Osama bin Laden, this is the real terrorist.

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