New comic: Chefs of America by Nick Abadzis

Via: This food-theme comic runs in Gourmet Live, one of those iPad magazines from Condé Nast. You can download the app to read the strip here.


  1. Tim Hamilton says:

    I’m a fan of most anything Nick does.

    In fact, I’d be entertained just watching him eat crisps.

    This looks great!

  2. Too bad there’s not a PC viewer for iOS apps…(Even though I got it via PC iTunes, iTunes itself doesn’t have an app widget. FAIL)

    Too bad doesn’t give a preview for the comic.

    Can’t see it, can’t read it… guess I’ll wait for the trade.

  3. Very cool. Something needs to fill that niche since Oishinbo ended here.

  4. Hey! This is awesome! I want to see it as well. Congrats, Nick!

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