New 52: Stormwatch gets a trailer

Spanish comics enabler David Macho has been doing a great job of promoting the DC relaunch comics his stable of artists is involved with, last week via tons of preview art. This week he’s doing something even more ambitious — trailers! And not motion comics trailers, either. Here’s the one for STORMWATCH by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepúlveda.



  1. Love the choice of Gustav Holst’s “Mars, the Bringer of War” as the acccompanying music, but did anyone else expect Gary/Henchman 21 from THE VENTURE BROS. to chime in at any second?

    Okay, maybe that was just me…

  2. hikaru says:

    Love Sepulveda’s art on this. The monsters especially.

  3. um…

    i really wish i could show this to non comic book people and say this is why i love comics, but this feels as if put together on a playschool’s my first video maker.


    dc really should have mined warner brother’s trailer folks and made an official one for each and not been reliant on fanfic type trailers.

  4. After living with it for a while, I’m getting keen on the idea of John Jones in the Storm-thority. WildStorm-U weirdness (and moral ambiguity, if they still have it) might be a better fit than the JLA, where he often comes across very 2-dimensonal, either overpowered or redundant or some kind of token alien comedy relief.

    BTW, Nice paraphrasing of that Monster Island splash in Planetary at the end there.

  5. Branden P says:

    Hate to nitpick what is an otherwise sweet trailer, but I don’t think Paul Cornell “created” Stormwatch…

  6. Branden, obviously, you’re right, my bad, but I meant “this” incarnation of SW, the new book, the new series… :)

  7. Also not to mention it’s the moon being played to Holst’s Mars while also Martian Manhunter is on the team. Ha.

    If I was in better shape right now and buying the new DC books, this would be one I’m curious about. Though at the same time I’m hesitant to see the mix Wildstorm and DCU.

  8. Xombi says:

    Could you add the Static Shock trailer too?

    A book that needs a real push

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