Nepotism corner: The CHOKER Tour

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We interrupt this blog for some hype, which we hope we will be forgiven for, just this once.

For those of you who read this blog just to follow along with Future Mr. Beat, aka Ben McCool, this week kicks off the CHOKER Tour which he and Ben Templesmith will be embarking on, ranging over 10 states. (we think Templesmith has an Alaskan stop in there somewhere, as well..) This week, there will be signings in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan, and The Beat will be along for at least part of all three so stop by and say hi if you see us.

It looks like we’ll also be attending the Emerald City Con, as well, which has us SUPER PSYCHED, because a) it’s known as one of the best mid-sized cons in the US and this year’s show looks great and b) we’ve never ever been to Seattle. COFFEE!!!

We now resume your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Chris says:

    Can’t wait!!!

    Horrible lettering for the poster though. The spaceing is way off. The location and date for each event is closer in spacing to the comic book store of the next event.

    It’s visually confusing.

  2. Nice!

    Chris, can we see your poster work to compare?

  3. Mark Coale says:

    Good thing FMB didn’t schedule a store signing the same day as the Carling Cup final.

  4. I’ll try to be at the Vegas appearance – seeing as how I don’t see LA listed anywhere.



  5. Wish I could be there….

    Hope this tour is great. Never too many Bens!

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