Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison having tea together


We’ve seen some pretty funny mash-ups photos floating around the web of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore together, photos which are a little ironic since the two titans of comics are not actually besties IRL. However, the above photo of Morrison and Neil Gaiman is 100% real, and was taken just t’other day by director Patrick Meaney who has already made a documentary about Morrison and is currently filming a documentary about Gaiman. He filmed a joint interview with the two which will be part of the Gaiman doc, scheduled for release in 2015.

Whether Meaney restricts his subject matter to men who always wear black jackets is not known, nor is whether they actually had tea together, but in our fanfic version of the scene, they totally did.

UPDATE: Here’s an earlier Gaiman/Morrison summit meeting from when the world was young but people still wore black jackets.


  1. Simon Jones says

    This image just shouts- Gaiman and Morrison: Two black clad comic writers turned sleuths. Gaiman could be cerebral one and Morrison his ararchic chaos-magic wielding partner.

    Or maybe I’m reading to much into it.

    Maybe I am.

  2. jonboy says

    Somebody needs to photoshop Gaiman’s hair onto Morrison, and Morrison’s baldness onto Gaiman.

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