Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer to wed

When the above photo of singer Amanda Palmer, taken at a NYC breakfast spot, was posted on Neil Gaiman’s Twitter feed, it did not take hawklike perception to spot the sparkler on her finger, and it’s now public that the author and Palmer are engaged. Congratulations to the happy couple! A May 2011 wedding is planned and you know that is going to be some affair.


  1. says

    Wow. Congrats!

    I wonder if he’ll say anything this Saturday down at the World Financial Center. (He’ll be narrating Peter and the Wolf at a free performance.)

  2. Bill says

    Gaiman did announce, with Gary Fagin his putative cousin dragging it out of him, at the World Financial Center show tonight.

  3. sickofscienos says

    Gaiman and Palmer are Clams! Scientologists are like Moonies, they make weird contracts with each other, which they can later “re-up” or dissolve as Nicole Kidman and Cruise did. This engagement is just as phony as these two idiots.

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