Music news: First look at Bono Spidey lyrics! Plus. dream score

docockAfter listening to all the goofy lyrics on the new U2 album (which has about 3 and 1/2 songs that are awesome, BTW) guessing just what the Spider-Man musical will be like could be a very amusing parlor game. And now, the new Rolling Stone cover story on the new U2 includes some talk about Bono and the Edge’s music. Finally!

The first song Bono plays on the Maserati’s more-than-adequate sound system is called “Boy Falls From the Sky,” with Across the Universe star Jim Sturgess singing as Peter Parker. It sounds a lot like a U2 hit, especially when Bono sings along in the car with the line “I used to use a single thread to cross the sky.” “Killer!” he shouts as the song wraps up, and then he plays a choral, operatic segue. When Bono’s assistant calls on his cell, he cuts the conversation short: “We’re in the middle of an opera here!”

“I used to use a single thread to cross the sky.”

Oh man. We hope there’s a song about…Doc Ock!!!!

“Steel claw, strapped to my back
Reaching for the salt,
Reaching for the pepper
Love, oh love, love will break a man’s adamantium harness.”

§ This news isn’t confirmed, but the internets were ablaze yesterday with the news that Daft Punk will write the score for TRON 2. Happy blippity bleep!


  1. says

    Overkill. U2 just announced another album at the end of the year. I love U2 but enough already. The Ramones do Spidey justice. This musical is a bit too much, this is what takes the shine out of Spidey. This is just as bad as the Electric Company series that he was on. Nothing like a mute Spider-Man. Hey you guys!

  2. says

    Goofy lyrics? What do you mean?
    “Every beauty needs to go out with an idiot, every sweet tooth needs a little hit”?
    HA! The lyrics in that song are especially goofy!

  3. Al says

    Another song on the new U2 talks about (words to the effect of..) reboot yourself, hit restart, etc. Plus the many usual lyrical tie-ins to faith. (Magnify the Magnificent, etc)

    But I still like them, and I understand the New Yorkers have tolerated having a Street With A Name Already To Be Temporarily Renamed In The Name Of Them.

  4. says

    “U2 just announced another album at the end of the year. I love U2 but enough already.”

    Huh? Two albums in one year is “enough already” when it was 5 years between the last two? It’s not like they’re Def Leppard or something…they can release music a bit faster than that.

  5. says

    I just hope, with John Lassiter in charge of Disney Animation, that a nice, clean, IMAX print of the original TRON be produced and released before the sequel.

  6. says

    Heidi – seriously, what’s with Bono wearing blue eyeliner?

    We can’t all be like Peter Gabriel in his Genesis years.



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