Movin’ on up

WOW. Thanks for all the support in the comments, on Twitter and via email on the announced move. I was truly overwhelmed and touched and having the support of so many amazing people — and loyal readers — means the world to me. It really makes all the work worth in.

Understandably, I hope, I’m going to be a little busy with the migration and figuring a lot of things out (been “learning” CSS on the fly, after a fashion) at least for the next few days. The new site should roll out pretty quickly, although it’s going to keep evolving. So The Beat will be a little quiet for a while…although if one particular story we’ve heard brewing is true, we’re going to need to jump into action pretty damned fast! And on that tantalizing note…


  1. How did you hear what I’ve got brewing? Well, it’s all true, and I’m glad you’ll be the one to brake it. ;)

  2. I’m psyched for the All-New All-Different Beat! I’ve been following you around since your days. I’m looking forward to the continuing adventures…

    BTW, my Google Reader caught a test post of the new logo a couple of days ago…


  3. Wow, I miss a day here and miss a very important announcement! I’ve got the new site bookmarked like a smart little monkey.

  4. And the Beat goes on?

    Can’t wait to see what the new site brings!

  5. hey- i was pretty new to css and html until a few months ago- was very helpful (idiot-proof videos) as well as for reference. good luck, can’t wait to see the new site!

  6. Reboot says:

    Are the archives moving with you?

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