Movie briefs: Shia the Last Man, etc.

ConstantinepredDistrubia’s Shia LaBeouf is the hottest guy in showbiz this week, with a #1 movie and and upcoming co-starring role in INDY 4. And as befits every hot star, he also has his dream comics role in mind:

…does he have enough clout to survive as the last dude on the planet?

An adaptation Brian K. Vaughan’s Vertigo comic Y: THE LAST MAN has struggled a bit on the path to theaters, but it might get a boost of LaBeouf. JoBlo reader Jean-Michel C. (merci, mon ami!) informs us that while promoting DISTURBIA in France, Shia expressed substantial interest in playing the lead role in the Y film, proclaiming the series one of the best comics around.

Meanwhile, Eric Roberts and William Fichtner have joined the cast of the new Batman movie, giving the film a monopoly in the “craggy character actor” category. Filming is underway in Chicago, and Superhero Hype has the fullest coverage as always.


Speaking of Batman, Steve Bunche has a still of Conrad Veidt from the 1928 silent film THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, believed to be the visual inspiration for the Joker. Judge for yourself.



  1. michael says:

    wow! that’s definitely the joker!!! O.O

  2. M. Lusk says:

    Yep. That’s a better Joker than we’ve seen in any Batman film!

  3. Brian Spence says:

    I’ll agree here and state the obvious: That’s exactly how they should make the Joker in the next flick (and in the comics, where he’s a little less realistic in most cases).

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