More rumblings in the comics blogosphere: Valerie Gallaher leaves MTV Geek

Well now.

As of today, I am no longer working at MTV Geek. Much thanks and appreciation to my intrepid and talented writers — among them Charles, Sean, Brigid, Jorge, Kendra, Steven, Ali, Zack, Kevin, and Aaron.

Thus MTV Geek editor in chief Valerie Gallaher announced her departure. According to Bleeding Cool, she resigned, “leaving for greater professional opportunities.”

Gallaher’s own blog has been updating more frequently of late, and she’s always had an interest in writing, with her autobiographical account of her time in DC editorial Goodbye to Comics gaining some controversy and readers.

Valerie is an amazing blogger—for what it’s worth in the 2013 economy—the post showing her departure being a perfect example. I’m sure she’ll be going on to pursue her own writing projects.

Meanwhile, what about MTV Geek? Is it going Comics Alliance on us? Just speculating there folks—I have no inside info whatsoever.

I’m on a huge deadline today but I’ll have thorough analysis of all the news as CRISIS IN THE BLOGOSPHERE continues here in the Situation Room.



  1. Doctor Timebomb says:

    It would be cool if we got to see her Cloak & Dagger mini-series.

  2. Torsten Adair says:

    While I have not been a frequent visitor to MTV Geek (due to my laziness, not the content!), Ms. Gallaher is one of the comics Tzadikim.

    I eagerly await whatever comes next!

  3. It was an honor to work with Val in the final incarnation of Friends of Lulu, and I have no doubts that whatever the next step in her journey, it will be even more of what the industry desperately needs.

  4. I was humbled and honored, both, when she gave very enthusiastic props at MTV Geek to what we are doing at Yoe Books. It was a tremendous affirmation coming from a person of her stature and intelligence. Valerie is an insightful. talented comics person that we’re sure to see wonderful things come from in the future. Break a leg, Valerie!

  5. Kevin Colden says:

    At MTV, Valerie always covered a lot of more fringe-y work, not just the big-two-PR coverage you would expect from a site the size of MTV, so I’m sad to see her go. But as a huge fan of her writing, I’m champing at the bit to see what she has up her sleeve.


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