More morning art: UP retro posters — UPDATE

This is not comics, too, but we’re all big Pixar fans here, right??? Plus one detects perhaps a bit of influence from some of our favorite Pixar-based cartoonists here, as well.

UPDATE: Artist Paul Conrad writes to give credits —

Eric Tan did the “Journey into the Wild” (with the dogs).

Craig Foster did the SAA South American Air (with the Lama).

Erik Evans did the “Paradise Falls” (with the bird).

I did the rest.

There’s more on the posters at Conrad’s blog.

Also, we’re trying to find out if they are for sale, but apparently they were just sent out as files to websites as promo. If we find out any more, we’ll let ya know!

Anyway to celebrate the release of UP on DVD and Blu-Ray, Pixar has released a series of retro posters. Click for larger images.

Dogs[1].Badge.1B Fu Final
Muntz1 Ny Final Blueb
Paradisefalls Sa Final
Saa Scenic Route Final



  1. Spectacular. So where precisely can one purchase these wonderful UP posters? That you didn’t tell us.

  2. Those are so very Mary Blair.

  3. Craig Miller says:

    What Len said! Where can we get these? Or are they just online?

  4. The had a few of these at San Diego at the Acme Archives booth. They have a tremendous one of Muntz. It is amazing.

    Not all of these though.

    Enjoy the retro-y goodness. The amazing scripty typefaces are from font diner. Good stuff.

  5. Fantastic work! You might also enjoy these 25 Magnificent Modern Day Movie Illustrations – My Modern Metropolis

  6. Please PLEASE PUH-LEASE!!!! Somebody make a calendar! My current wall calendar is the “National Parks: Poster Art of the WPA”, and these Pixar posters would look so nice on an oversized monthly calendar!

  7. They would make great postcards to include in a DVD package.

  8. These are just beautiful.

    I agree with Torsten (and we have the same calendar). These would make a marvelous poster calendar. The kind I would leave up when the year was over!

  9. jacob lyon goddard says:

    thanks for professing the post as not comics

    and those were pretty cool

  10. Andrew Davis says:

    Having sold calendars in a mall for the last two months, I can say with confidence that there is an UP calendar, published I think by Day Dream. It uses the dogs image from the “Journey Into the Wild” poster here, but I don’t think it uses any of these other images, unless as backgrounds.

    If you’re a die-hard UP fan, it’s worth checking out, although the calendar is actually kind of lousy–recycled character images (done in this same flat style, of course) in front of various backgrounds. One may find the “Disney/Pixar Art of Animation” calendar (also published by Day Dream) to be of more interest. It’s got concept art from nearly all the films…

  11. MeadWestvaco is the parent company. They also manufacture the Marvel calendars.

    Of note:

    2010 The Art of Animation : Featuring your favorite Disney Pixar characters Wall Calendar

    Disney Cars 2010 Wall Calendar

    Cars Activity 2010 Wall Calendar

    Disney Toy Story 3D 2010 Wall Calendar (!!)

    TOY STORY 2010 WALL CALENDAR with Sound


    ??? (found on eBay)
    2010 Desk Calendar: CARS Disney Pixar (very classy!)

    Pixar has published/licensed wall calendars for each of their feature films. Search, where many older calendars are sold via the Used & Out of Print section. eBay is also a good source. And if you’re looking for a retro calendar for 2010… 1971, 1982, 1993, 1999 are the same year, dominical letter C.

    Oh. My…. LEGO. TOY. STORY.
    (AFOLs will remember the Mickey Mouse themed sets from 2000. Cross that with the Spider-Man (and other licensed) sets, and make your own movies!)


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