More Marvel heroes forced to choose sides for Civil War II

CW2teaser-Jean-6b7fa (1)

Various exclusive Civil War 2 teasers have been rolling out, at and CBR, and so far the combatants include Black Panther, Lady Thor and teenage Jean Grey. The artist is Phil Noto.

Civil War II rolls out with a Free Comic Book Day special on May 7th and then a series by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez. The plotline thus far involves a “precog” crime predictor and a shocking death, so you can begin to put some pieces together. Who is on whose side this time? That we’ll have to wait to see.




  1. Skottie says

    “Choose your side.”

    Every illustration just shows one character. There is no “side” to choose. This is nonsense even for the low bar Marvel has already set for itself.

    Make mine Image.

  2. Silly But True says

    More shocking than the death of the Watcher in some forgettable storyline by E-lister villains that turned Bucky Barnes into Buck Rogers in the weirdest psychedelic misfit of an actually decent series?

    Silly But True

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