More Green Lantern


ICv2 has some hi-res photos of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern  that we had previously missed. Looks a bit like an action figure, no?

More in the link.


  1. Justin Harman says:

    If he walks by a yellow rock, he’s in danger or stubbing his toes.

  2. Justin Harman says:

    ^OF stubbing his toes.

  3. Chris Hero says:

    I’m the wrong audience for this, but to me, it’s starting to scream Ben Affleck in Daredevil….

  4. Ben Affleck in Daredevil is the exact reason why the costume has to be CGI. Deep green tights on Ryan Reynolds would easily become the most ridiculous outfit ever in a comic movie. The CGI suit to me looks great and i’m very pumped to finally get to see the finished product on the big screen.

  5. Torsten Adair says:

    Put a Kermit the Frog mask on top, and he looks like a Sleestak!

  6. There’s nothing “hi-res” about a 450×741 image. That’s not even big enough to fill a decent smartphone screen.

  7. The Beat says:

    He should have worn real life pants like this:

    These would not be distracting at all!

  8. The individualized toes lead me to believe it’s more a second skin than a costume per se, which explains why certain parts of the image are in very deep shadow.

  9. I reckon he still looks a lot like ben stiller in Zoolander. My money is on Captain America and the younger version of the x-man.

  10. Hey GL – You forgot to put on your boots!

  11. Hey GL – Hope you’re wearing a cup. Hate to see you get arrested for indecent (or insufficient) exposure by the Intergalactic Police!

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