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Female Force cannot be stopped!

And because you can never get enough Obama, here’s their painted cover variant. Isn’t he dreamy? Maybe he’s thinking about…The White House!


  1. Joe S. Walker says:

    Has that cover artist ever seen Oprah Winfrey?

  2. What he said. That cover is hideous, and not even remotely accurate.

  3. Oprah looks like she just got a whiff of a nasty fart.

  4. Joe, I agree. More like a morph between Oprah and Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels TV show.

  5. This is what Oprah looks like after she’s just used her show to promote quack medicine — again.

  6. Looks like Obama is dreaming all right….about how to fuck the country up! Bwhahaahahhaha! Just kidding!

  7. Xenos says:

    Screw Oprah! I want to know when issue 2 of the Bo Obama comic comes out! The story was so gripping and it ended on such a cliffhanger!

    ._. Really, can Blue Water pander to celebrity any more? I’m all for biopic comics, but.. these just seem so shallow.

  8. Hey, another angle to get comics back on the supermarket racks: Celebrity comics. Next: Tabloid comics!

  9. michael says:

    Oprah Winfrey!! O.O

    Well, if any comic book publisher has had the ‘nads to go after fame, one must applaud the efforts of Bluewater Comics! :)

  10. These comics are the very definition of amateur hour, and a cash grab at best. The art, writing, coloring, and lettering are all well below any acceptable standard for professionally published material.

    I thought the Princess Diana book even breached the moving line of good taste.

    That said, people are obviously buying them and they even get press on the prestigious BEAT.

    What gives?


  11. Dennis V. says:

    Yeah, the artwork inside of Bluewater’s titles are generally pretty sub-par (okay, okay, downright terrible!) and this is too bad because they do have some interesting properties.

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