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We managed to get hold of a pdf of today’s EW story on Captain America. We won’t be stinkers and post the whole thing in readable form, but there are LOTS of pictures, including:
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Proof that Chris Evans worked out — AND got a chest wax.
Captain America_Cover copy.jpg
Evans in GI gear, with a costume peeping out.
Stanley Tucci plays the scientist father figure role, Hugo Weaving is the Red Skull
There will be motorcycles
And a love interest, Sharon Carter, played by Hayley Atwell. And a shield-shaped shield. How’s that for irony?

According to the piece, the story involves the Cosmic Cube (aka a tesseract), and Nazis and a lot of realistic action.

The film opens July 22, 2011.



  1. Barry Buchanan says:

    All hail Hydra!

  2. Randall Kirby says:

    Interesting. He’s usually a proponent of non-waxing…

  3. The Cosmic Cube? You lost me already …

  4. The shield is right out of the first (’41) issue of Captain America. Loving it!

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  5. @ Barry –
    Holy cats! Good call! I didn’t see that right away on the Red Skull’s shoulder…
    I never noticed before that Hydra’s emblem seems to refer to the Red Skull like that. Wow…

  6. well hot damn, look at him!

  7. What that is Hot! I should definitely not miss that.

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