Monkeys still controlling robots with brains

The danger is still real.


  1. Torsten Adair says

    They put brains in robots? ohmigawd.
    or are the monkeys hooked up to the robots? how big are the robots? can they be trained to cockfight? monkey robot wrestling!
    years ago, AMC promoted a Planet Of The Apes event by donating televisions to various zoos and letting the …inmates watch the movies.
    we’ve already been cursed once for disrespecting our ancestors, what will be next?

  2. Gregory Zura says

    It’s my understanding that this is how Marvel pencils their comics.

  3. michael says

    holey crap that’s cool!! but I didn’t see any (as much proved in hysteric media) any wires to tubes or anything coming out of the poor monkey head/brain. ??? O.o

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