MoCCA: Photo parade

 MoCCA: Photo parade
We forgot our camera for most of the day yesterday, and our photos are Officially The Shittiest MoCCA Photos Ever, but this one shot of comics blogger/critic Tucker Stone during his show-ending rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at last night’s live band karaoke/CBLDF party should frighten you into repentance immediately.

200906071150 MoCCA: Photo parade

Luckily, Geekanerd has more normal, less deeply troubling photos.

PS: Last night was a fab night, with Douglas Wolk, Christine Hart, and other folks bringing down the house and a tremendous turnout of cartooners, bloggers, and actual comics readers. Good times. We hear all the other parties were great, too.


  1. michael says:

    AWESOME set of photos of a lot of people I RESPECT!! :)

  2. michael says:

    Oh, and though it didn’t look like most of those pictures were properly asked for, I say thank you to Geekanerd for posting them.

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