MoCCA: Harvest Is When I Need You The Most

Harvest Cover
Okay here’s one of those oddball pop culture anthologies: Harvest Is When I Need You The Most:

Harvest Is When I Need You the Most, features the talent of 8 cartoonists paying homage to the original Star Wars trilogy.

The 36 page, full color book releases at MoCCA Art Fest 2008, and will available for online orders on June 14!

We don’t really need more Star Wars, but we love the cover!


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    This will be for sale at tables S58 – S59 (upsatirs in the Skylight ballroom), but I should have a display copy on my table as well (A7-A8)!

  2. says

    Aww, that cover just makes me want to hug Luke.
    With the people contributing, this is a must-get.

    Obviously, I am not at MoCCA. Is there a way to get a copy after the show. Must…have…Giallongo.

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