Mitch O'Connell has given us the funniest comics blog post of all time

Mitch O’Connell is known as a wonderful artist in a vintage/pin-up style. He also has a huge collection of old comics. And at a perhaps unthinkable cost to himself, he’s used that collection to give us one of the great treasures of our age: Sex in Comic! The top 100 strangest, suggestive and steamy vintage comic book panels of all time!
Here are three excerpts but the whole thing has us gasping for air.




  1. horatio weisfeld says

    Mitch: Your collection seems a little light on the Marvel stuff so.. thought I’d pitch in.

    The above apparently is/was from some Jim Mooney, mid 70s Marvel Team Up?.. I don’t quite remember actually reading this panel -but I did read all that stuff at the time, so, having now looked at the panel several times, I understand a bit more of why I’m the messed up guy I’ve grown to be.

    I hope you will take this, with my respect, as a worthy contribution to your very fine gallery.

  2. the4thpip says

    Looks like somebody spent a weekend going through Typo Lad’s “What were they thinking” blog…

  3. george says

    I’m surprised he didn’t include the Giant-Man panel where Hank addressed Jan as “my little eager beaver.”

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