Ming Doyle’s Lady Gotham

Okay, here’s a new one to rally behind: Ming Doyle’s treatment for the little discussedMartha Wayne.
Much other good stuff at the site of this up-and-comer.

[Thanks to Eric for the link.]


  1. JasonEdwards says

    Really not a character that needs an angst-ridden backstory.
    Or really any kind of backstory at all.

  2. The Beat says

    Wait, are you saying that of all the kabillions of DC characters who have been turned into Green Lanterns or shot into the future, one should be sacrosanct?

    I like it!

  3. says

    Crazy good…Like Nell Brinkley meets the Bronte sisters, you should really find the opportunity to expanded on this. Also looked over Ming’s site, and urge others to do the same, her drawing is wonderful, imbued with a real personality, not just dead line.

  4. RichardAK says

    Wait, Martha Wayne was originally Martha Kane? Does that mean Batman and Batwoman are cousins?

  5. rich says

    Mign writes:
    “Batman’s mom is basically a character that canon forgot beyond guilty flashbacks …”

    This is odd … couldn’t we say the same thing about Thomas Wayne?

    I agree with Jason. Bruce’s parents don’t need to be developed beyond the guilty flashbacks — unless you’re taking the Batman Begins approach and explaining EVERYTHING in excrutiating detail.

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