Mile High's Chuck Rozanski is building a fortress made from of 2 miles of comics

The Denver Post profiles local man Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics. If you saw Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con documentary, you know Rozanski was the star of the film, not only for actually being in the comics industry but for having a home-spun philosophy and a pithy way of expressing it that should make him the star of many more reality shows. Anyway, Rozanski is talking about his vast new 65,000-square-foot warehouse, which holds “more comics than Amazon,” and will be open June 14 as part of this month’s Demver Comic Con festivities. The edifice is imposing:

Mounted along the wall above the shelves are what Rozanski calls “comic fronts” — comic books in archive-quality transparent sleeves, stacked six deep. Eventually, this border of comic fronts will span the store’s perimeter — “2 miles of comics,” Rozanski says. He measured.

The interview contains more Rozanski-ian insights:

Q: Why are they selling their collections? For money?

A: Sometimes it’s money. More often, it’s a woman. They’re the de-clutterers most often.

Q: What’s something else you’ve clung to?

A: I know it sounds ridiculous, but I have this baby spoon with Donald Duck on it that I ate cereal with when I was 4 years old. Every time I pick up that spoon, I remember being at breakfast with my grandfather in Bavaria. Why do you think I got back all my Classics Illustrated Junior? I can remember my mother reading them to me when I was 5.



  1. Aaron says:

    Chuck is one of my personal heroes. He loves what he does and he is driven by passion.

  2. Better Chuck than Kevin. Sorry, Kevin.

  3. Glenn Simpson says:

    I don’t dislike Mile High but I feel like their prices are high. Which means they sell fewer comics, which means they need larger warehouses. Which they use to justify the higher prices…

  4. David N says:

    I’m sorry, is there a particular reason he has his shirt off ?!?

  5. Jim bob says:

    Better chuck then Kevin???? Are you on crack
    “Kevin is GOD” Chuck preys on little kids he’s a scam artist “LOSER”

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