Mike Carey Writing New Series for Boom!

Mike Carey Writing New Series for Boom!

Hey, have you ever wondered if a British writer was going to write a new series for Boom? But have you been unable to find out because everywhere you go is being obtuse? 


Don’t worry! Because The Beat’s own Laura Sneddon interviewed Mike Carey for The New Statesman, like, a week ago, and he revealed that he has a new creator-owned series in the works with the company. For the past year or so Carey has only been writing The Unwritten, focusing instead on novels and other scripts and writing duties. But if he’s at Boom? Which he is, because Laura told us a week ago? That’s a big deal for Boom.

It’s a great interview, too. Why not go read it in its entirety? Then you can go tell the internet about Laura’s scoop!


  1. says

    There are many things I love about Boom, but the most prominent of those is the fact that every article about them HAS to end on an exclamation point!

  2. Suzene says

    Please be a Felix Castor adaptation, please be a Felix Castor adaptation…

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