Meet the new Ms. Marvel


It’s Moonstone.

We have no context for this, but at least she didn’t go the popular route of having a sex change along the way.


  1. says

    The context is that… well actually it doesn’t really matter, except that Norman Osborn is making evil doppelvengers, and Carol Danvers blowed herself up, but probably not really. And he also has a new Captain Marvel, so a sex-change would be redundant.

  2. Matt D says

    As someone who actually reads and enjoys a lot of the Marvel line, I can’t say the “Ms. Marvel experiment” has gone well over the last couple of years. They’ve elevated Emma pretty well. Even Songbird is worth more to Marvel than she was a few years ago (I think she’s going to be in Ultimate Alliance 2 for whatever that’s worth). Spider-Woman, certainly.

    Carol Danvers has been sort of languishing, her title being one of the least interestingly written ones out of Marvel held up by crossover sales. It had a good launching point out of House of M but never went anywhere.

    Karla Sofen’s a character who’s been pretty expertly developed over the last 15 years by Busiek, Nicieza, Ellis and Diggle, amongst others, and I think she’s pretty well layered and very interesting.

    Of course, the writer hasn’t changed on the title, so I’m not sure how much to expect here, but it at least has the potential to make for some much improved Ms. Marvel comics.

  3. michael says

    I know, and still, the skin-tight swimsuit apparently remains most superheroines apparel of choice when in public, fighting evildoers. :(

  4. Almightygosh says

    This makes perfect sense in the context of the Dark Reign crossover event.

  5. Almightygosh says

    Also, the other Ms. Marvel is still active.

  6. Josh Sinhspar says

    I dont understand why youre posting this now when everyone’s known this for months. Slow news day?

  7. Jacob says

    Changing Ms. Marvel, making Black Panther a woman, New Hulk, New Cap…

    Don’t people criticize DC for shenanigans like this?

  8. Make Mine Mar-Vell says

    Love to see Ms. Marvel, but I think fan of any incarnation deep down realizes that Marvel’s Captain Marvel, the original Mar-Vell, was killed prematurely and for any of this to work BIG time it would need them (Marvel) to bring him back for good.

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