Meanwhile, in Indie land…

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§ Jesse Reklaw has been cartoon-blogging his tour.


§ The Daily Cross Hatch presents cartoonists cartooning about how they are getting to SPX, including Liz Baillie, above.


§ Where’s Craig “Blankets” Thompson been, anyway? Drawing his new GN, HABIBI. Apparently this task has been so strenuous that he’s become incredibly buff for an indie cartoonist.



  1. Craig and Jeff Smith should do some sort of CBLDF cheesecake calendar or something.

  2. Steve Taylor says:

    Apparently,…he flies. Neat.

  3. He’s so strong, I heard he was going to demonstrate his strength with a surprise appearance at SPX by ripping a copy of Blankets in half for a CBLDF charity event.


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