Massive Bone 20th Anniversary Color One Volume Edition available later this year

Exciting news: a huge one-volume edition of the full color BONE (long teased) will be available later this year. The book will come in three editions, two of them extremely limited.

t last! For the past five years, the single most requested item at Cartoon Books has been a single volume of BONE in color.  Now, to celebrate two decades since the publication of  BONE #1, Cartoon Books is pleased to announce a full color One Volume Edition of BONE in a collector’s box and a deluxe slipcase version!

Jeff Smith, the cartoonist of BONE and co-owner of publisher Cartoon Books said, “This has been one of the most complicated, difficult and exciting projects I’ve ever worked on.  And one of the things I most want for myself!”

The deluxe hardcover books will be available in two versions:

The BONE: 20th Anniversary Full Color One Volume Collector’s Box Set, limited to 2000 copies, which is scheduled to debut this July at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The second version, shipping in November 2011, is the deluxe BONE: 20th Anniversary Color One Volume Slipcase.

Both versions contain extras, including a new essay called Twenty Years with BONE by cartoonist Jeff Smith, and the Box Set  comes packaged with a 22k commemorative coin, pewter figures of the BONE cousins, a copy of the award winning documentary The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, BONE, and the Changing Face of Comics, and more.
There will also be a very limited edition of the Box Set that contains original art by Jeff Smith and hand water colored Steve Hamaker! These are big collector books, and through American we’ll plant a tree for every one we sell!

The regular slip-cased edition will sell for $150.


The “deluxe” limited edition (above, click for larger version) of 2000 will go for $350. Here’s a list of the special features:

– all 1344 full color pages of BONE in a single hardcover volume that measures 9 1/2″ x  7″ x  3″ . The book is adorned with colorful foil stamps and art work and includes a satin ribbon bookmark.
-A new essay by cartoonist Jeff Smith called “Twenty Years with BONE”.
-A signed and numbered 6 ” x  9″ art print of a previously unpublished piece of  BONE concept art.
-A 22k gold plated coin with Phoney Bone’s head on one side, and Fone Bone on the reverse giving the dates of BONE #1 July 1991, and the 20th Anniversary July 2011.
-Pewter figures of the three Bone cousins.
-A miniature facsimile of the BONE #1 comic book in black & white as originally published in July 1991.
-An expanded Cover Gallery of the BONE comic books and graphic novels.
-An Illustrated 20 Year Timeline
-Award winning feature length documentary DVD – The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, BONE, and the Changing Face of Comics.
-Comes in a beautiful, 12″  x  12″  x 4″  illustrated red box with a magnetic clasp.
-Limited to 2,000 copies.
-Price: $350.
-Ships in July 2011.

The EXTRA SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION with original art by creator Jeff Smith and Steve Hammaker is limited to only 50 copies and costs $1000.

The REGULAR slipcased edition (above) — available in November — will run you $150. A bargain, we say.


  1. Edward Liu says

    Doggone it, Jeff Smith, stop re-releasing Bone in collected editions that are so nice I want to buy it again! I already own the original comic-sized black-and-white TPBs, a batch of the color Scholastic color HCs (and had to do a lot of traipsing and searching to get some of them that seem to have gone out of print), in addition to a good chunk of the original single comics.

    Really, you’re worse than Warner Bros. and Pixar, who I am convinced are pushing new media formats just to make me buy Casablanca and Toy Story again.

  2. says

    Unfortunately I cannot afford the 1k price tag although it’s tempting to sell some stuff I have to get it! haha

    Hey guys come join the Bone community @

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