Marvel’s going monkey!

When Marvel sends out one of their teasers on a Friday afternoon with a picture of a monkey and asks “Who Is One Of The Most Exciting New Comic Characters of The Century?” we’re happy to play along.


  1. Charles Knight says

    Didn’t they play out Marvel apes to ever decreasing returns a few months ago?

  2. Mark Parsons says

    Looks like some Mandrill reboot action. Psychic Mutant Baboon, IIRC. Red tie matches his ass, which may emit pheremones or something?

  3. Ben Templesmith says

    What’s stuck in those gun barrels? Might make it harder to shoot with them.

  4. Milan says

    it’s the lead character in “Apest Night” the new universal cross-over where everyon who’s died only once comes back to Earth as an Ape. This one? He’s Uncle Ben.

  5. says


    …I’ll get my coat.


  6. David T. G. Riches says

    So is this what Peter Tork has been up to lately? Well at least the Red Ghost has been keeping busy…..

  7. wraith says

    This might be that NEMESIS project Mark Millar and Steve McNiven new book that Millar was hyping and bragging about on his website a week ago.

  8. says

    I heard not too long ago that Marvel has launched some sort of a new “Iphone ape” that lets you read comics on a phone. Maybe this is it? I don’t know why you’d need an ape for that, but I don’t have a smartphone so what do I know?

  9. Mike Myers says

    Hmmmm, looks like Cho needs some lessons from Dave Johnson. Anywayssssssss, Dave Johson kicks ass!

  10. says

    He’s The Ghost Chimp,
    The Ghost Chimp,
    The Ghostliest Chimp In Town.

    A lab coat full of cheap cigars
    Conceals his vivisection scars.

    He’ll fill your day with merriment,
    This former lab experiment.

    He’s colder than an icicle,
    He smokes and rides a tricycle.

  11. Tabe says

    Lord, Disney cannot fire Joe Quesada and his entire editorial staff soon enough.

  12. PencilSharp says

    Don’t care what Tabe has to say.

    For the Beloved Wife, “monkey (always) = happy”.

    Don’t ask. Can’t explain…

  13. Mantichore says

    Hey! That’s Frank Miller’s SPIRIT. Now that’s a surprise. I really thought he was dead for good.

  14. Joe S. Walker says

    Tee-heeing fanboy jokes about monkeys. Just what comics needs more of.

  15. Synsidar says

    Is that Moonboy?

    ‘Fraid not. Moon-Boy would never wear clothes, and had no facial hair.

    My first thought was Mandrill, but that’s not a new character.

    My only other idea is an ape version of The Hood.


  16. says

    My guess is that it’s a new take on Sun Wukong the Monkey King. I always thought he’d make great Spider-Man villan myself.

  17. says

    James…. you sound surprised. Deadpool is derivative. His origin… Weapon X. His design and name… Teen Titans. His best issue…. #11, where he appears in a Silver Age issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

    Sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s a guilty pleasure.

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