Marvel teases 4 in November — Will it be #600 or the Human Torch?


Marvel just sent out another one of its mystery teaser campaigns, with the above graphic and the tag “Coming in November 2011.”

Of late the FF has of course been renamed and renumbered FUTURE FOUNDATION, in the wake of Johnny Storm’s death. However, there had been some speculation that Marvel wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to publish FANTASTIC FOUR #600 in what would have been the original numbering. Since two issues are shipping in October, the timing is right.

Or it could be the return of Johnny, aka the Human Torch.

Whatever is happening, it looks like Farel Dalrymple and Leinil Francis Yu will be on board for whatever is coming. A recalled graphic had the name Doyle, since removed — which Doyle? Ming?


  1. says

    *ahem* The name of the current book stands for “Future Foundation,” not “Fantastic Force.” The latter was a mid-90s FF spinoff that looks quite terrible, and that title was also revived a couple years back for a miniseries starring future FF characters from the Millar/Hitch run that performed quite horribly on the sales chart. *adjust nerd glasses*

  2. says

    Yeah, releasing this image on the day of the 50th anniversary of the release of FANTASTIC FOUR (Vol.1) #1 certainly makes you think that Johnny Storm will be returning in FANTASTIC FOUR (Vol.?) #600.

    I wonder if Spidey gets to keep his costume of unstable molecules…

  3. abc says

    and upon his return johnny storm/the human torch will promptly join the avengers or some such craziness.

  4. James Van Hise says

    Gee, you mean a character who died could come back to life even after his death was promoted as a big “event”? Who wouldn’t thought?

  5. Anonymous says

    Marvel doesn’t even do decent stories anymore. They spent years trying to convince readers that they always had Civil War planned out when it was obvious they just came up with an idea off the top of their head and made it a major event. I was going to read FF, then I saw SPider-man was in it. They ruined Spider-man also telling readers they had these big stories where everyone knew Peter was Spider-man and they lied about that too. it’s another stupid Reboot. Then another one and another renumbering to 600 whatever that won’t make any sense. Amazing Spider-man is the worst comic book now because that garbage. It’s idiot boy who only cares about he undead aunt.

    Atleast DC is putting effort into their reboot.

  6. David T.G. Riches says

    You know technically Johnny Storm’s body was never recovered. We didn’t actually see Johnny Storm die. At no time were the issues labeled “The Death Of Johnny Storm” so there may not be any actual dead to be returning from much like those early issues of the FF where Dr Doom would return to show off his Escape Artist skills.

  7. Travis says

    People who don’t read a particular comic, and have no interest in doing so, are always the quickest to complain about a stunt like this. If the comic is good — and I’d argue this one is — who cares a bout a polybag, or a renumbering, or a simple image?

  8. says

    “Anonymous”: “Amazing Spider-man is the worst comic book now”

    Um, no it’s not. It’s actually one of Marvel’s best titles, and has been since January when “Big Time” kicked off.

  9. Anonymous says

    Amazing Spider-man is just a kids book. I tried reading it and there’s nothing of the classic Peter Parker in it. Older readers are still waiting for Marvel to acknowledge its blaten mishandling, but they want to put out generic stuff where nobody knows anything. How could Venom not know who Spider-man is? How could Norman Osborn not know? His whole character is based on being that villian. Everything just reminds us readers of what horrible stuff they put out. Then the book is about FF and The Avengers and the New Avengers.

    You think with FF they’d try doing something different, not just another book to put that pale imitation of Spider-man in it. I think Marvel just abandoned all intention of telling decent stories and giving readers any sort of pay off years ago. It’s just ‘here’s the idea. I quit’.

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