Marvel are including a Peggy Carter mini-film on the Iron Man 3 DVD

FINALLY! Marvel have announced that the Iron Man 3 DVD  release will come with a short film called ‘Agent Carter’, which will see Hayley Atwell return to the character she played in Captain America for a one-off story. Also: Bradley Whitford’s in it!


The short film will officially debut at Comic-Con next week on Friday, and will feature Agent Peggy Carter as she embarks on an adventure post-Cap’s disappearance. This looks like it may well also tie into future stories, because it seems like she’s going to be investigating ‘Zodiac’ – a familiar name for Marvel fans, as it’s been used in several different ways. This seems most likely to be linked to the shadowy cabal of heroes and villains seen in Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors series.


Bradley Whitford will also be in this movie. He will wear glasses.


But this is Atwell’s show. She’s a brilliant, capable actress, and I’m really excited to see what she’s holding in the above photo IS IT A GUN IS IT A BANANA IS IT SOMETHING ELSE?!


  1. Pink Apocalypse says:

    Well, to hell with everyone else!! *I’M* excited!!

  2. Ha Ha Ha… me too. ;)

  3. i wonder if in the upcoming captain america flick there will be any scenes in which steve rogers either looks for or finds peggy carter in the present day. it would probably be a heartbreaking , sad scene of “what could have been” between the two characters. don’t know if marvel would travel down that road, but isn’t sharon carter (agent thirteen) supposed to show up in the next cap flick? if so i guess one way or another we’ll find out the fate of peggy carter. hayley atwell was great in the cap flick, so this short should be very cool as well.

  4. The other Eddie O. says:

    Can’t get enough Agent Carter stories.

  5. Adam Farrar says:

    Marvel are doing that or Marvel is doing that?

  6. Steven Taylor says:

    Gee, Adam. I thought I was all alone.

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